Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Bananaman History - Bananamans First Christmas 1980

As a kid, Christmas never felt like Christmas until DC Thomson's Xmas comics came out (I'm still the same now). Nutty always done great Xmas covers during its run. Here is the first from 1980 where our hero has to help out a not too happy Santa.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Bananaman History - Supervillians 1980 Part 4

The final two supervillians of 1980 were a mixture of mistaken identity (Nutty Style) and something of a Super Chef Villian Italian style!....Enjoy

Spaghetti-Man - Nutty Issues: 33 and 34

Captain Crisp - Nutty Issues 43 and 44

Bananaman History - Nutty Front Covers Part 4

Nutty issue 41 was a major change not only did our hero appear on the back cover he would now get the honour of being the Nutty's permanent cover star. I have included both front and back covers here for your enjoyment.